All in One PC Optimizer Junk files accumulation will cause a slow PC, All in One PC Optimizer can deeply clean junk files on Windows to release more space. Just one click, more than 26 kinds of junk files, such as system logs, temporary files, image caches and updates caches can be easily detected and removed to release more disk space. The latest version also supports cleaning junk files for all your accounts on the PC.

Low Internet speed influences your PC experience and reduces your working efficiency, especially when you work remotely at home. The factors are complex and the troubleshooting can be overwhelming. The Internet Booster feature can help increase your Internet speed by taking advantage of your maximum network bandwidth with just one click.

  • Thoroughly Clean PC
  • Increase Internet Speed
  • Secured Personal Data
  • Fast PC Response
  • Startup Optimization
  • Easy Unused Program Removal
  • Auto RAM clean to stop unused programs and processes
  • Premium surfing protection with automatically clear tracking data
  • Deeper Registry Clean
  • Auto care for PC as scheduled
  • Monitor system condition in real-time
  • 1-click to keep important programs up-to-date
  • Basic PC protection with spyware removal